Photocopier Expert (former SimpleCopier)

The best solution to photocopy, archive and send documents from your PC !

Simple photocopying has already become a thing of the past!
This advanced document management program makes a scanner and a printer work together as an effective one-click copy machine with flawless results. Photocopier Expert provides the copy preview and enables the user to make necessary adjustments.

Photocopier Expert 7 combines a variety of convenient abilities:
straightforward photocopying, applying numerous effects, queuing documents for batch processing, saving in multiple formats, adjusting brightness, contrast, hue and more.

The documents can be resized, rotated, deskewed (automatically or manually) or printed partially (the selection can be also zoomed).
It is possible to choose whether to make a Black and White, grayscale or color copy.
The new version has been considerably accelerated and enhanced:
besides other new features it has the ability to save and to load PDF files.
Besides, Photocopier Expert 7 supports an on-screen highlight tool, red eye removal and a tool for direct erasing of certain parts of the document.

Effective document management implies much more than photocopying options only :
That is why the user can fax documents or email them right from Photocopier Expert.
The documents can be also exported to PDF and multipage TIFF.
The multi-lingual interface of Photocopier Expert has been improved to facilitate working with the program.

Start saving and be more productive now, for just 19.99€!!

Get all the features of an advanced photocopier from your PC
Start beeing innovative in your document management
Multiply with a click, the possibilities and the processing options of all your documents



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alt Tons of functions combining simplicity and productivity

Adjust brightness, contrast, hue etc.
Photocopy in B&W - greyscale or colour
Preview the copy
Reduce or Increase the copy
Automatic Deskew
Select a specific part and only print it's area
Print a selection on entire page (Zoom)
Save and load images in many formats
Setup your own language file
Edit the picture with the in-built editor.
Send the documents by email
Export the documents to PDF
Fax the documents
Queue pictures for batch processing
Rotate the copy in many ways
Use your scanner buttons
And more...


7.222 : New major release

What's new :

- Zoom in or out the preview
- Rectangle or ellipse selection mode
- New Optical Recognition module, inbuilt (OCR), no need for Microsoft Office anymore
- Automatic border removal button
- B&W, Gray or Color conversion
- Step by step undo
- Can now load images in PDF files
- Can now load multipage TIFF files
- PDF and multipage TIFF save (from queue).
- Huge speed optimization.
- 3 distinct compression ratio for JPG and PDF (based on color depth) to optimize file size.
- Can now enable or disable feeder (ADF)
- user interface changes to optimize space and user experience
- Can now reload and edit a document from the queue with one click.
- Every document added to the queue keeps the list of effects and functions applied.
- Unique button for saving into multiple formats (JPG, PDF, TIFF, etc...)
- Can now update a reloaded document in the queue.
- Can now append documents to the end of an existing TIFF or PDF file.
- On screen highlight tool.
- Red eye removal.
- Erase an area directly on the document.
- Manual deskew.
- Better compatibility with WIA scanners
- Print up to 8 documents on a single sheet.

6.13 : instaler upgrade, bug correction (for external editor).

6.10 : Size increase is now more accurate
               Various optimizations
               All screens are now based on the same template

6.05 : Queue evolves a lot, new skin, faster processing.

 5.10 : Windows Vista compatible
Minor bugs corrections.

 5.05 : Automatic deskew is now optionnal.
Minor bugs corrections.

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